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call you call me


orphan, orphan





you and i 


we are dying


You are unaware


But I never forget


You  are died only for a moment

And I  keep dying



You seem to be eternal

I  never want be on my own eternity

I deny it in every meditation



Purity is part of my tears


The fire is burning inside of the eyes


like an  spontaneous combustion



Words rot under the unconscious it is called of the brain.


what is a body?


Is it the name of my separation from you?






surging of blood cells

naked  meat  hook


Paint over your scars,


Sew up your wounds,




The soul is the light possessed by the flesh


the inner space and the darkness are unified


So I can feel alive




There is so much spirit in the fingers


 I can't destroy myself 


now i'm silent


The universe is endlessly born


no beginning and no end


Can you hear me ,  can you hear me ?

<<Aberrance>>  Performance, 2022.

Certain Action (avec mon spectateur ) devient une partie de ma performance.


Une image représente une action.

In this video, every time, " she " and tentacles that cannot be seen from the perspective, “ she ” returns to the earth.


There is a lonely door,


and if you get closer, you can see that the earth is also buried.


​At that time I didn't have time to take a photo.

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