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<< 誕生 >>, 2021



19 x24cm

aquarelle, fleur,feuille séchées, fils, clous


For of Meridians, and Parallels,
Man hath weav’d out a net, and this net thrown

Upon the Heavens, and now they are his owne. Loth to goe up the hill, or labour thus
To goe to heaven, we make heaven come to us;
We spur, we reine the starres, and in their race

They’re diversly content t’obey our pace. John Donne Anatomy of the World (1611)

<<ma source, ma racine, ma origine >>, 2020
27x 39.6cm
huile sur bois


52 x65m

huiile sur toile, feuille séchées, fleurs

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