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<<Field of rhizome>>,  tissu en peinture pour vêtements


This is a work that explores rhizomes, gender fluidity and desire

through the relationship between plant self-healing and self-fertility

and artificiality.


Every rhizome contains lines of segmentarity according to which it is

stratified, territorialized, organized, attributed, etc... as well as

lines of deterritorialization down which it constantly flees. There is

a rupture in the rhizome whenever segmentary lines explode into a line

of flight, but the line of flight is part of the rhizome.


Gilles Deleuse& Félix Guattari << A thousand plateaus >>

<<Field of rhizome>>, performance, 2023



In the fallen structure composed of individuals, is the order always

maintained or destroyed when each time the rhizome is broken?

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