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Temporal patterns associated with spore’s dust plateau


Sleeping wrapped

Dust spore is constituted of a relic crystallized or enveloped in a deep past 

As the enveloped endo-bacterial thing slumping within the spore awakens

Brane cosmology circulate anatomy of the node


Sprinkle pneumatology

Rootless Stretched




Algorithms and rules for sorting


Upper process residual 

It’s nothing but the empty

As the clouds the clous chase

Particle give up repeating


Drop its dead

To the realm of the earth water


In perpetual transformation

B- theory of time


To penetrate the surrounding is to be penetrated by it

The humble rotting seed lengths into stalk


Trace inhabitable


Aerial protection complete a given absolute

Throw off the domination at once

Not being regarded coincidentally


For its own eternal sameness

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